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Complete Hard Drive Shredding Services
    including audit and certifications

Complete Hard Drive Wiping Services
    including audit and certifications

Protection against data protection ac

Compliance with all federal and state
    standards of data destruction law

Protection from identity & data theft

Permanent secure destruction of dat

HIPAA compliant

Fully audited process with digital images and
    complete serial number tracking

Certificate of compliance

General or secure collection, pick-up and or
     shipping services available

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hard drive wiping services Providing Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA Regulatory Data Destruction Compliance Solutions.

The Data Destruction Security Services team at ARS offers numerous solutions to assist companies with proper handling of secure data destruction and hard drive shredding.

Federal and state regulatory compliant Secure Data Destruction is not something that can be accomplished by running a simple software application or formatting, smashing or opening a hard disk drive. Even drilling holes in a hard drive does not render it unrecoverable.

Endpoint absolute data destruction security must include data destruction solutions for digital media, tape and hard disk hard drives.

Degaussing, in addition to shredding, provides assurance that sensitive data can't be misused - ever.

Failing to properly destroy data with discarded business, proprietary, patient, customer, credit or other sensitive information could create both legal and public relations nightmares.

All of our services, from data destruction to secure transport logistics are easily adapted to your specific data destruction needs and requirements.

Our data security personnel are well educated, professional and courteous.

Integrity is a treasured core value within our organization.

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